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Some pics I took at a waterpark.


I saw these guys starting to assemble here  for some  jolly reason.



Wait for it…..






Wait for it…..













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My contribution for watery wednesday #42.

There were myriad puddles after the rain last weekend. They dotted the bikeway at almost every angle and it was inevitable that I  got wet and  dirty from splashes of muddy, murky rain water as the wheels of my bike spun through them.

All was not lost, I find reflections interesting as a subject so the abundance of  puddles gave me opportunity to further my interest somewhat.

And when I look at reflection such as this, I often wonder if there is a paralel universe inside there somewhere?




In other parts of the bikeway, the water from the creek could be seen overflowing and covering parts of footpaths like in the photo below.  I am always tempted to cross this section with my bike when this occurs, just for a bit of adrenalin rush … Sometimes  going down the slope to the creek to have a better view…



However, my logic usually prevails as I really can’t afford to damage my camera if I don’t make it to the other side relatively dry.. (though admittedly, I have accelerated down this slope once before, it’s probably best not to know what ensued.)


For more wonderful water pics, visit http://waterywednesday.blogspot.com/

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I went to the GoldCoast hinterland a couple of weeks ago for a bit of hiking. The rain was pouring when we were traveling there but it had stopped when we arrived. The track to the Curtis waterfall was  wet, slippery and muddy, my trainers went from white to dirt black in no time. (Why do they always  manufacture trainers in white?)

Here are pics of  parts of the stream.

(Shots of the waterfall itself were not as good as I liked it to be. I really need  to bring a tripod next time.)



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