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It’s Spring in the Southern hemisphere but my memory still connotes this time of the year with Autumn. 

A song I used to sing in primary school, practically all primary school kids in the UK would have sung  this song at some point…

Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled
And the silk inside a chestnut shell.
Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled
All the things I love so well.
So I mustn’t forget…
No I mustn’t forget…
To say a great big thank you I mustn’t forget.


Go to this blog for full lyrics.

You can also check out the melody at youtube:



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Twas the 15th of September

I ‘m a bit techie challenge at the moment and having trouble linking to pics gallery as they have changed the way of doing things here. So I’ll do a blogpost without pics this time.

Keeping with the ship theme of the previous post, a song I remember from my childhood and thought I’ll  write it down before it corrodes from my memory…( I wonder if anyone still remember this song!)

You are suppose to sing it with a lil celtic flair or accent or whatever:

Twas the 15th of September

How well I do remember

I nearly broke my poor ol’ mother’s heart

For I shipped with Captain Nipper

On a big four master clipper

Bound away down south for foreign parts


And the wind began to blow

And the ship began to roll

And a devil of a hurricane did blow

Aye aye yo!

It nearly broke the stuffin

Of the good ship rug-a-muffin

Bound away down south for foreign parts…

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