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I was going for a last lap at the Parklands today, struggling a bit on the bike as it was very windy and there was a strong headwind.

I thought I wasn’t going to post anything for sky watch this week until I saw these words written in the sky.








It didn’t make a lot of sense to me… that is until I photographed it upside down..
















Awww.  A  marriage proposal!

So how do we know if Leelee said yes or no??

For more sky pics, visit http://skyley.blogspot.com/


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I was cycling at the Parklands again after the rain and I saw the two immature cormorants of the great cormorant family on the deck at the mini lake. I crept up to them for some close ups since I didn’t manage to do so previously. They were displaying their wings like they were exercising or something.

Here are a few shots.

The young cormorant on the left glances at his sibling in a rather  bemused way.

I’m sensing some sibling rivalry here.


Who do you think has the best looking wings? The cormorant on the left or the right.


“Giving up so soon? You didn’t stand a chance!”



“Ohh, you’re such a show-off”


“See ya!”DSC_0537

For more fascinating bird pics, visit http://birdfreak.com/bird-photography-weekly-44.

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I took some pics of a great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) perching on a branch at the parklands a couple of days ago.  Here are a couple of shots.



Apparently it’s not the only one living there, as I found out this afternoon after the rain.  There is another cormorant , its mate and a pair of young cormorants as well.

Seen here is an adult cormorant and its young about to plunge in the water.DSC_0503_528

The family of four cormorant now safely in the water away from me.


For more great bird pics go to Bird’s Photography Weekly.

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