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I’ve been trying to do a writeup of my visit to Botanic Gardens last week but it has been taking me  a while to finish it as I am busy this week. So I thought I’ll just upload some pics of rainbow lorikeets which I took this week. There were a flock of >20 of them on my neighbour’s trees (I think I found the tree match in the book “Wild plants of greater Brisbane. They are paperbark tea-tree, Melaleuca quinquenervia ). They usually drop by at dawn, chirping merrily and waking me up from my slumber;  as well as in the afternoon. Sometimes larger birds,  I saw a couple of magpies hopping around the trees, spooked them off and they will fly off somewhere but they’ll be back later. Most of them were busy stuffing themselves with the pollen from the flowers as you can see from the close-ups.



Above is of one peering at the camera instead of stuffing itself!

The pic below isn’t that clear as I was facing the sun at the time but I thought I’ll include it as my neighbour’s girlfriend gave a passing remark  as she came back from work, that I was taking pics of  upside down birds. 😀 Well, I guess I was but they were really quite acrobatic , sometimes hanging upside down to feed on the pollen of the flowers.



“Do they not observe the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them in? None can uphold them except (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly it is He that watches over all things.” 67:19

I tried to capture more pics of them in flight but they were too fast and I was too slow in reacting so this was the only one I managed to capture!

I hope to get more and better bird pics next time, insha Allah.


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