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Freshwater lake

Filled with lotus flowers, lily pods

Catfish,  monitor lizards

And playful otters


An elderly aboriginal woman

Gathering edible herbs

for a family of campers

Exchanging warm smiles for the hospitality

Upon looking down

Her wrinkly hands eaten by disease


Time elapses..

Her spirit dwells on

A metamorphosis

of  all the lotus flowers

on every lake and pond

As a recompense…

Of this distant memory.


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The Mountain

The mountain towers above wide, open plains
From its peak, paddy fields appear etched in stencils
The Straits’ water glimmer in the distance
Mists that hover and linger above the canopy of dipterocarp trees
Dissipate with the rising sun

The passage of time swirls around the mountain
Yet it appears timeless

Centuries ago, it beckoned travelling ships
Carried by trade winds enroute to the East
To anchor, to explore this land enshrouded with mystery
Now its visitors gone, yet remnants of their sojourn dwell for longer

The mountain
Conquered by man, it seems
Long, winding road leads up to the summit
Where strawberry fields and rose gardens once a legacy
Now a resthouse and a museum to be

Yet the mountain stood still, wild, majestic
As the vast untamed jungle surrounds it
Jealously guarding its fauna
Wary tigers, agile deers roaming free
Leaving footprints, whiskers and glee

In the foothills, forgotten tales, stories aloft
A flooding river during the monsoon and wilting cornstalks during the dry
Visions of a fair, petite woman watering her potted plants
While children play on the tarmac road shared with little billy goats
Unperturbed by small snakes sometimes slithering past, unnoticed amongst the fallen leaves

What’s left?
Memories, bitter sweet
What’s left?
Graveyards of ancestors
A rickety bridge across a creek
Clouds hovering above this ancient land
Bearing witness to the affairs of man

And the mountain…

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