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So here are some pics, as promised, of possums (trichosurus vulpecula) and a flying fox. Flying foxes like to visit one particular palm tree near my backdeck when it bare fruit, and my neighbour told me once that she disliked their cranky cries when they come over, it  sounds something like “rark, rark, rark”.  I sometimes hear them if  I’m in the kitchen in the evening and  I unintentionally scared one off with loud music the other night, as I was a bit bored.


The shots were taken from my backdeck which is about 10 metres from the palm tree and I couldn’t actually see the subject in the pitch darkness, it was around dusk, but the sound they made gave them away.  If  I hear a bump in the middle of the night here, not to worry , it is probably these nocturnal creatures scampering around, on the roof or in the yard looking for food, and not a burglar/armed robbers trying to break in,  as in the case in some other major cities.

Fortunately the AF of the SLR makes it possible to pin point them in the dark, as their eyes reflect the  light. There are 2 common brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) on the tree, as you can see.



And here is a pic of a flying fox on the same tree. There was another fruit bat flying around but I could not focus on it properly in the dark . Oh well, maybe next time.



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