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Some action I shot in my backyard. The photos are self-explanatory I guess.




A visiting kookaburra to my backyard was swooped not once , not twice, but maybe in excess of 10 times. Poor kookaburra! I admire its coolness against adversity though.

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I posted pics of a kookaburra in the woodlands earlier on  but they may be on the dark side.  These are  pics that I took of the kookaburra on a sunny morning. There were a few of them hanging around the parklands that day. One even got chased off by an ibis, there were a flock of ibises that day too.



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I went bushwalking on a trail leading into a dry eucalyptus forest. Unfortunately, didn’t spot many birds there, my birdspotting skills need to be polished up a bit or maybe there weren’t that many as compared to the creek. Although I heard a few twittering.

I was nearing the end of the hike when I spotted an elegant looking bird perched on a branch of a tree deep in the forest (well, it was actually just a few metres down from the trail).  It was the kookaburra, the epitome of all birds in Oz and immortalise in that well known folk song… I have seen them many times before while out and about and even more times,  heard their  raucous laugh sounding call,  but this was the first time I got to photographed them in the wilderness.


Close up of the kookaburra. I had to go down a ditch to reach the tree. It was on a branch, a few metres above me.


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