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I have a whole backlog of photos that I had taken in March but haven’t really gotten down to uploading on the blog.  Here are some I took earlier at the Botanic Gardens.

I’m not sure what the red flowers are called . I was trying to take a close up/macro  shot of one but it kept swaying in the breeze.

red flowers

The next one has to be my favourite flower/s in the Botanic Gardens . I came across it when I went to check on some tall Eucalyptus trees next to the flower patch. A father and his boys were playing football on the lawn next to the patch and I accidentally got hit while I was walking away . They should forbid playing football at the Gardens! It’s okay if I got hit but it would be a pity if the lovely flowers are damaged by them !  Quiet activities like picnicking and reading books are fine by me.

golden hurricane lilies

One flower head is made up of many different flowers . I never seen anything quite like it. It has to be the prettiest flower I saw in the Gardens that day.  They are called Golden Hurricane Lilies and are native to China or Japan.

Here is another shot of the flowers.


Last but not least, some sweet white lilies.  I really need to make a note of their names, next time I visit the Botanic Gardens. I think I was mainly concentrating on plants and trees that day.

white lilies


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