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Here is a photo I took of a weeping fig tree in the Botanic Gardens. It is a tall, shady tree. I wanted to take better pics but the tree was near a wedding lawn and the bride had arrived all made up with the bridemaids . I could even  hear the sound of the bagpipes playing at many points of the Gardens after I left.

Apparently, this tree is a native of Malaysia. I liked the silhouette of the fig tree against the sun. (I adjusted the d-light for this pic so it looks lighter than it was. ) There is also a weeping fig tree avenue in the Botanic Gardens near the CBD and one in the CBD near the drinking fountain. See here.


*Update¬† 6/6/09 –

I thought I’ll update with a pic of the weeping fig trees avenue at the City Botanic Gardens. There is a Greenfest this weekend, that’s why you can see some tents in the background, lots of green environmental stuff on display.



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