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I’ve been getting links to the latest sensation of “Britain’s Got Talent” show. (I’m afraid this the only way I know what’s the buzz about in the entertainment world.)

Susan Boyle, a 47yo woman , old and frumpy looking, by commercial standards, has stunned the judges with herĀ  wonderful vocal, singingĀ  “I dreamed a dream as time goes by” from the musical Les Miserable” (Very nice song btw). People wasn’t expecting her to be able to sing like that. Perhaps , all the commercial music artistes and singers have made people expect a person to be relatively good looking to be able to sing?

For comparative study, here are two pretty looking birds in Oz, the rainbow lorikeet and the cockatoo.



Very colourful and pretty looking birds , however, they are quite noisy if they are in a flock of 20 or so and some people may consider them a nuisance. I suspect a neighbour down the road had the paperbark trees in their front yard chopped off because of this.

Although birds like cockatoos etc tend to be popular as pets in the world pet market because of their somewhat good looks?!

Here are some plain looking birds – a young magpie and a pied butcherbird.



Perhaps of their plain and dark looks, almost looking like blackbirds/crows, they haven’t had an impact on the international pet market. And I haven’t seen any in the pet shops so far , thank goodness.

**But here’s a lil secret… they are superb songbirds.**

I can’t think of any birds that is outstandingly beautiful in terms of physical attributes and at the same time can sing beautifully. Hmmm.. Can a peacock sing?

Such is God’s creation….


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