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On New Year’s Eve, I went to photograph the fireworks display in the city. There was a display scheduled at 8.30 pm which I thought was a good time for me as I rather not wait til midnight.  They had closed some roads at Southbank and condoned off the promenade area so they can check that people don’t bring alcohol in. Hence, I couldn’t park at the usual basement carpark and only found parking about a mile or so away at Kangaroo Point, which wasn’t that bad considering. It’s  a pretty lovely place with vertical cliffs ideal for rockclimbing and abseiling.  I took some pics of the fireworks at 8.30pm from Kangaroo Point but they didn’t turned out very well… I had to walk to Southbank and wait for the midnight countdown and photograph again. Coincidentally , there was a tourist from Indonesia who had also set up a tripod next to where I was at,  an hour before midnight, and he gave me  tips with the manual setting. TQVM for your assistance, kind sir!

Here are some photos I took.

The cliffs at Kangaroo Point

Besides fireworks, I was enticed to photograph people with glowsticks that night.

These are the drug  glowstick dealers.

The treasury casino all litted up in multicolour.

The countdown begins with serpents slithering up and down buildings.

It’s not New Year Eve if there are no fireworks.

Happy New Year 2010!

Get some positive vibes from this guy (who posed willingly in front of my camera). 🙂

More sky pics at Skywatch Friday.


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I was going for a last lap at the Parklands today, struggling a bit on the bike as it was very windy and there was a strong headwind.

I thought I wasn’t going to post anything for sky watch this week until I saw these words written in the sky.








It didn’t make a lot of sense to me… that is until I photographed it upside down..
















Awww.  A  marriage proposal!

So how do we know if Leelee said yes or no??

For more sky pics, visit http://skyley.blogspot.com/

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That’s My World!

The circus is in town!

I’ve never been to a circus before because of logistics reason , too far out , parking nightmare etc etc but this one is conveniently nestled in the suburb I live in and within a mile radius from my home. I could jog there and not break a sweat. 😀

 Unfortunately, they didn’t allow pics taken during the show. This is the only one I got before the show.



The opening act was of lions – presumably the ‘stars’ of the show judging from how much mention they  got in the local newspaper – they turned out to be two docile looking lionnesses. The duo didn’t even roar like what you’d expect from the ones you see on tv. They didn’t do many tricks either. Just walked on planks and smiled a bit. Less stress for them!

There were clowns, jugglers, acrobats, flying trapeze etc etc, stuff you’d expect from a circus. And the ring master was quite engaging with the audience especially at times when the circus crew had to shift and move things – as a form of distraction. But it was fascinating to see how quick they set things up for each segment of the show. Really efficient!

Anyway, here are some shots taken outside the circus tent.

A big blown up slide to keep kids occupied while parents buy tickets etc.


Games to keep kids and err.. parents occupied…


The front entrance to the circus.



Circus trailers to transport stuff from one location to another I guess.


And people queueing  up for the next show.DSC_0651[1]


Visit http://showyourworld.blogspot.com/ to see more photoblogs around the world.

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I took some pics of the Greenfest when I went to the City Botanic Gardens , though my primary intention was to get some pics of  some trees. It was happening when I was there with lots of tents, people in green t-shirts and green environmental stuff on display. The Greenfest will be on til tomorrow.

There was a band playing when I entered the grounds at the side gate along the river. A large group of high schoolkids entered the same time as I did , they played some music which made us feel quite special :). They were also distributing stuff to people , which the teenagers grabbed enthusiastically. I didn’t take any, I thought they were tickets to see a football game or something.

DSC_1160If you have queries, you can go to Greenfest HQ.


One of the cars, a TESLA (whatever that is), displayed at the fest.  Looks cool.


Solar cooking anyone?


You can rent bikes here to go for a spin around the city.


An innovative transport thing that powers on electric battery or something.


Large tent .


And a view of the Brisbane River next to the Botanic Gardens.


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In case you’re wondering , I do like to photograph other things beside birds and plants, namely people and this program called “Cultural Safari Afrika” inititated by the City Council provided an opportunity for shutterbugs like me with unlimited access to take pics of people without worrying about asking consent/permission first. The only regret I have is that I didn’t take enough pics !! And I would have actually like to take a couple of portrait pics of the pretty Ethiopian girls or lovely Congolese women etc.

These are the girls I’m talking about . The dashing African MC was distracting them at this moment , I would like to personally shoot him (on camera of course).


I’m sorry , I should do this in order, the opening ceremony by local Aborigines elders and didgeridoo musical artistes.


Ethiopian coffee ceremony held in a large white tent with a lovely Ethiopian women in traditional costume as a hostess.



Some artefacts from the exhibition in the local library.


More African stuff in the display box, would be more visible if not for the reflection of  the light on the ceiling.



The place to sample some African food – Eritrean and yummy. This man was fixing the banner everytime I came to take pics.


Dancers from I’m not sure which part of Africa they are, but they look real awesome.


Lovely African women in traditional wear in a fashion parade. The loveliest of them leads the pack.



This toddler was into the groove. She really hit it on the dance floor.


I’m not sure if this one is a modern or traditional dance.


Last but not least, some hip hop.


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