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I went birding at the Brisbane Forest Park with Birds Queensland Assoc this morning. It was a fairly big group to start with and they were walking faster than the photo group , I pretty much lagged behind so I gave up taking pics early and tried to concentrate on spotting birds.

I thought I’d turn the table and see how it looks from a bird’s perspective to watch birdwatchers instead. (Not that I’m a bird).

As you can see, every birdwatcher must be armed with binoculars at least and a hat (it is rather hot now),  as well as a backpack with some fluid to drink to avoid dehydration.

This is the only bird pic that turned out okay compared to the rest.

This is a dollar bird perched high up on a branch, one of the highlights of the trip.

(I also took pics of a kingfisher with a lizard in its beak but it was too far for a clear digital crop.)


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