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My contribution for watery wednesday #42.

There were myriad puddles after the rain last weekend. They dotted the bikeway at almost every angle and it was inevitable that I  got wet and  dirty from splashes of muddy, murky rain water as the wheels of my bike spun through them.

All was not lost, I find reflections interesting as a subject so the abundance of  puddles gave me opportunity to further my interest somewhat.

And when I look at reflection such as this, I often wonder if there is a paralel universe inside there somewhere?




In other parts of the bikeway, the water from the creek could be seen overflowing and covering parts of footpaths like in the photo below.  I am always tempted to cross this section with my bike when this occurs, just for a bit of adrenalin rush … Sometimes  going down the slope to the creek to have a better view…



However, my logic usually prevails as I really can’t afford to damage my camera if I don’t make it to the other side relatively dry.. (though admittedly, I have accelerated down this slope once before, it’s probably best not to know what ensued.)


For more wonderful water pics, visit http://waterywednesday.blogspot.com/


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