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Here are pics of the noisy miner (manorina melanocephala). It is very common in this part of  Australia . Noisy miners are quite inquisitive  and a couple of them would perch nearby sometimes  when I’m at the park , checking out what we’re doing or to see if we have any food to share.

I took this one at the City Botanic Gardens. It was on a tree with pretty pink flowers.


This is another pic I took  weeks ago after the rain. The creek nearby had burst its banks and water had flooded part of the roadside in the background (A frequent phenomena given the amount of rain coming down these days).



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I went bushwalking on a trail leading into a dry eucalyptus forest. Unfortunately, didn’t spot many birds there, my birdspotting skills need to be polished up a bit or maybe there weren’t that many as compared to the creek. Although I heard a few twittering.

I was nearing the end of the hike when I spotted an elegant looking bird perched on a branch of a tree deep in the forest (well, it was actually just a few metres down from the trail).  It was the kookaburra, the epitome of all birds in Oz and immortalise in that well known folk song… I have seen them many times before while out and about and even more times,  heard their  raucous laugh sounding call,  but this was the first time I got to photographed them in the wilderness.


Close up of the kookaburra. I had to go down a ditch to reach the tree. It was on a branch, a few metres above me.


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