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I went to the Botanic Gardens today after a detour at the bustling Southbank which is always brimming with people and activity.  During this visit, I took pics of aloe plants (again) and I’ll include them here as I realized the ones I took in the previous entry look rather blurry.

These are the aloe succotrina (fynbos aloe) plants which originate from South Africa. The tall magenta flowers that come out from these plants are peculiar and pretty at the same. More info of the plant can be accessed here.


A butcherbird which appeared out of nowhere suddenly decided to eat a piece of breadcrust when I was about to take pics of these plants.  I got distracted and  set down somewhere and took pics of it eating the breadcrust.


Anyway, here is a close up of  aloe  ferox plant. (Yes, this time I made it a point to find out their names , well, at least most of them.)


This aloe speciosa plant on the right of this pic has grown very tall indeed , you could probably call it a full fledged aloe tree! (And I thought aloe plants can only grow in little plant pots! ).


On the left of the pic is a baobab tree (adansonia grandidieri) tree and on this visit I discovered the Gardens had the African variety of the baobab tree (adansonia digitata) all along. I suppose I would have to write another entry about the baobab trees again and make a comparison.


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