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I saw myriad aloe plants on my visit to the Botanic Gardens last month.  They interest me greatly as I remember my lovely late maternal grandmother and even my mum growing them in pots in their garden back in M’sia as ornamental plants.

The aloe genus is a native of Africa although they can grow well in hot climate like in the tropics.  Some species can even grow very tall into trees like the quiver tree (aloe dichotoma) in Namibia . See here. However, the most common aloe genus plant is probably the aloe barbendesis or aloe vera which is widely used in healthcare and health products. (You probably have seen aloe vera written on many  shampoo /lotions bottles but not sure how much /percentage is really used in them .) More info here.

Here are some pics I took of them at the Botanic Gardens the other day.





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