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My contribution for watery wednesday this week.

Two juvenile purple swamphens hanging around at the creek.




For more watery shots, visit Watery Wednesday.


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On my plate

On my plate
Deep fried oysters and calamari

The wharf
People waving at the water taxi
Pelicans congregating near the pier
Dolphins jumping out of the water

On my plate
A softshell crab

Down the balcony
I spot a ray
At the bottom of the Bayou

A boy on a raft
An African man
They try to navigate the rapids
And down the river

On my plate
Key lime pie

The wonderful deep blue sea,
White waves are rolling and breaking,
Against the sand of the white sandy beach
Seagulls gliding through the air
People manning fishing boats

Past the Gulf
An old man , Santiago
He has caught a huge marlin
He struggles
Alone on his boat
Trying to get back to the port

On my plate
It’s empty

Just clouds against the horizon

And inside..
Everything vanishes

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Freshwater lake

Filled with lotus flowers, lily pods

Catfish,  monitor lizards

And playful otters


An elderly aboriginal woman

Gathering edible herbs

for a family of campers

Exchanging warm smiles for the hospitality

Upon looking down

Her wrinkly hands eaten by disease


Time elapses..

Her spirit dwells on

A metamorphosis

of  all the lotus flowers

on every lake and pond

As a recompense…

Of this distant memory.

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The Mountain

The mountain towers above wide, open plains
From its peak, paddy fields appear etched in stencils
The Straits’ water glimmer in the distance
Mists that hover and linger above the canopy of dipterocarp trees
Dissipate with the rising sun

The passage of time swirls around the mountain
Yet it appears timeless

Centuries ago, it beckoned travelling ships
Carried by trade winds enroute to the East
To anchor, to explore this land enshrouded with mystery
Now its visitors gone, yet remnants of their sojourn dwell for longer

The mountain
Conquered by man, it seems
Long, winding road leads up to the summit
Where strawberry fields and rose gardens once a legacy
Now a resthouse and a museum to be

Yet the mountain stood still, wild, majestic
As the vast untamed jungle surrounds it
Jealously guarding its fauna
Wary tigers, agile deers roaming free
Leaving footprints, whiskers and glee

In the foothills, forgotten tales, stories aloft
A flooding river during the monsoon and wilting cornstalks during the dry
Visions of a fair, petite woman watering her potted plants
While children play on the tarmac road shared with little billy goats
Unperturbed by small snakes sometimes slithering past, unnoticed amongst the fallen leaves

What’s left?
Memories, bitter sweet
What’s left?
Graveyards of ancestors
A rickety bridge across a creek
Clouds hovering above this ancient land
Bearing witness to the affairs of man

And the mountain…

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An old pond!
A frog jumps in-
The sound of water.

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)


Pretty pink lotus flowers  flourished in this pond a month ago , see my Creatures of  the Pond  post. 

Not anymore. .. Green weeds grew quickly and surely in the still pond water and overpowered them…

And making it habitable and conducive for new life to form…


Pond with ice

Thomas Grieg




For more watery pics, visit Watery Wednesday.

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My contribution for watery wednesday #42.

There were myriad puddles after the rain last weekend. They dotted the bikeway at almost every angle and it was inevitable that I  got wet and  dirty from splashes of muddy, murky rain water as the wheels of my bike spun through them.

All was not lost, I find reflections interesting as a subject so the abundance of  puddles gave me opportunity to further my interest somewhat.

And when I look at reflection such as this, I often wonder if there is a paralel universe inside there somewhere?




In other parts of the bikeway, the water from the creek could be seen overflowing and covering parts of footpaths like in the photo below.  I am always tempted to cross this section with my bike when this occurs, just for a bit of adrenalin rush … Sometimes  going down the slope to the creek to have a better view…



However, my logic usually prevails as I really can’t afford to damage my camera if I don’t make it to the other side relatively dry.. (though admittedly, I have accelerated down this slope once before, it’s probably best not to know what ensued.)


For more wonderful water pics, visit http://waterywednesday.blogspot.com/

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This is a pic of the sun against the gigantic water slide in Sea World at Southport, Gold Coast. I wanted to takes pics of the honeyeater bird on the palm tree on the left but it flew away so I focused my attention on the sky.


This was taken in the carpark on my way to the car and was just a casual shot.


More sky pics at Sky Watch Friday.

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