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Brahminy Kite

Some close-ups of  a brahminy kite at a bird park. I could never get a close up pic in the wild , although I did witness about 40-50 of them on a feeding frenzy once before, it was mainly videotaped.  This kite was the highlight of the show, doing some fly-bys after the parrots/macaws did their segment of cute awesome tricks.


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I confess. I only put cute kittens on the title so I can pull more traffic to this blog. This blog isn’t really about cute kittens . Or is it?

But here are pics of the next best thing, a cute baby hornbill.

You see, a young hornbill is like a kitten .It likes its tummy rubbed.

It likes to play hide and seek.

Here’s a nice angle of the hornbill.

And not to disappoint all the cute kitten lovers who found this blog through googling cute kittens, if any….

Cute kittens trying to get at a yoyo.

Look at those eyes.  Aren’t they cute?

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I went birding at the Brisbane Forest Park with Birds Queensland Assoc this morning. It was a fairly big group to start with and they were walking faster than the photo group , I pretty much lagged behind so I gave up taking pics early and tried to concentrate on spotting birds.

I thought I’d turn the table and see how it looks from a bird’s perspective to watch birdwatchers instead. (Not that I’m a bird).

As you can see, every birdwatcher must be armed with binoculars at least and a hat (it is rather hot now),  as well as a backpack with some fluid to drink to avoid dehydration.

This is the only bird pic that turned out okay compared to the rest.

This is a dollar bird perched high up on a branch, one of the highlights of the trip.

(I also took pics of a kingfisher with a lizard in its beak but it was too far for a clear digital crop.)

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Brahminy Kite

We grasp the core only gradually

of each other’s compressed midnights —

black roses flowering in sandy-eyed dawns,

memories stowed to starboard, where a

brahminy’s wings catch first light,

How did we manage it, sailing

on — weathering

Excerpts from Robert Adamson poem ‘Brahminy Kite’.

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Some action I shot in my backyard. The photos are self-explanatory I guess.




A visiting kookaburra to my backyard was swooped not once , not twice, but maybe in excess of 10 times. Poor kookaburra! I admire its coolness against adversity though.

For more great bird pics , visit Bird Photography Weekly #64

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Masked Lapwing

Sometimes I would see a small flock of  masked lapwings (Vanellus miles) foraging on the grass around the bikeway and try to capture a pic or two of them but they would fly off screeching or something when I try to come closer . The bird calls aren’t very nice to begin with, almost irritating in comparison with other birdcalls.

 However, I managed to get up close with a masked lapwing in a park the other day as this one stood its ground.


It’s easy to see why.


She had a chick and she gave me real loud alarming warning calls that probably meant “Don’t even think about it! ” in human terms . Although I did get a little closer but not too close – I’ve been rammed on my legs by a mother hen once when I picked up some chicks and that wasn’t very pleasant so I really don’t want to find what this lapwing would do.

This chick is rather cute though, don’t you think? Check out the fluffy stuff around its neck!



For more great bird pics, visit Bird Photography Weekly #62.

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Rainbow bee-eaters

Wings fuelled

by the knowledge of bees


turning on axles of air

each crescent beak


An orange-coloured talisman

Once snowy-headed elders


gathered honey bags

in turpentine forests


feathery blurs eating bees

hovering miracles


alongside ancient cliffs

flashed brightly


Your film exposed to them


to stay love by catching day

light on pages


the translucent calligraphy

of wings


by Robert Adamson, The Goldfinches of Baghdad

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