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On New Year’s Eve, I went to photograph the fireworks display in the city. There was a display scheduled at 8.30 pm which I thought was a good time for me as I rather not wait til midnight.  They had closed some roads at Southbank and condoned off the promenade area so they can check that people don’t bring alcohol in. Hence, I couldn’t park at the usual basement carpark and only found parking about a mile or so away at Kangaroo Point, which wasn’t that bad considering. It’s  a pretty lovely place with vertical cliffs ideal for rockclimbing and abseiling.  I took some pics of the fireworks at 8.30pm from Kangaroo Point but they didn’t turned out very well… I had to walk to Southbank and wait for the midnight countdown and photograph again. Coincidentally , there was a tourist from Indonesia who had also set up a tripod next to where I was at,  an hour before midnight, and he gave me  tips with the manual setting. TQVM for your assistance, kind sir!

Here are some photos I took.

The cliffs at Kangaroo Point

Besides fireworks, I was enticed to photograph people with glowsticks that night.

These are the drug  glowstick dealers.

The treasury casino all litted up in multicolour.

The countdown begins with serpents slithering up and down buildings.

It’s not New Year Eve if there are no fireworks.

Happy New Year 2010!

Get some positive vibes from this guy (who posed willingly in front of my camera). 🙂

More sky pics at Skywatch Friday.


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Slightly obsessed with trees at the moment. Tree pics from the nature reserve. I’m going to try taking them in black and white next time.


The Brisbane CBD perfectly framed by trees, taken up on the hill reserve.


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I had to include a photo of this bizarre looking tree stump that I stumbled across during my bushwalk in the forest reserve. What do you think it looks like?


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Here is a photo I took of a weeping fig tree in the Botanic Gardens. It is a tall, shady tree. I wanted to take better pics but the tree was near a wedding lawn and the bride had arrived all made up with the bridemaids . I could even  hear the sound of the bagpipes playing at many points of the Gardens after I left.

Apparently, this tree is a native of Malaysia. I liked the silhouette of the fig tree against the sun. (I adjusted the d-light for this pic so it looks lighter than it was. ) There is also a weeping fig tree avenue in the Botanic Gardens near the CBD and one in the CBD near the drinking fountain. See here.


*Update  6/6/09 –

I thought I’ll update with a pic of the weeping fig trees avenue at the City Botanic Gardens. There is a Greenfest this weekend, that’s why you can see some tents in the background, lots of green environmental stuff on display.


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I went bushwalking on a trail leading into a dry eucalyptus forest. Unfortunately, didn’t spot many birds there, my birdspotting skills need to be polished up a bit or maybe there weren’t that many as compared to the creek. Although I heard a few twittering.

I was nearing the end of the hike when I spotted an elegant looking bird perched on a branch of a tree deep in the forest (well, it was actually just a few metres down from the trail).  It was the kookaburra, the epitome of all birds in Oz and immortalise in that well known folk song… I have seen them many times before while out and about and even more times,  heard their  raucous laugh sounding call,  but this was the first time I got to photographed them in the wilderness.


Close up of the kookaburra. I had to go down a ditch to reach the tree. It was on a branch, a few metres above me.


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